General Pest Control Spray Treatments in Maitland, Cessnock & Lake Macquarie

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ASPC offers an all-around general pest spray treatment for homes and businesses in the Maitland, Lake Macquarie and Cessnock areas. A general pest spray treatment is perfect for properties that have had previous pest issues. It will work against a variety of different types of pests. Whilst not as specific as a full pest control treatment for one particular pest, it’s a great measure for ground-floor locations with mild insect issues. best of all, it’s quick, affordable and 100% human and pet safe.

What is a Pest Control Spray?

Professional licensed pest controllers use far more effective sprays and insecticides that can be mixed and formulated depending on the situation. Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids are the two common chemicals used for pest sprays. Pyrethrins are organic from chrysanthemum flowers and pyrethroids are manufactured in the lab. There are other ingredients besides these and the active ingredients will often kill more than one type of insect.

What Pests Does a General Pest Control Spray Cover?

Our general pest spray treatments work perfectly for a number of common household pests, including:

It will also be effective on many much smaller bugs and insects that can also bring in other predator pests like spiders so it’s not just limited to the above.

Why Book a Pest Control Spray Treatment?

  • Perfect for prevention
  • Works on multiple pests
  • Less likely to attract predator pests
  • Quick and eco-friendly
  • Very affordable
  • Ideal for end of lease
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Pest Spray FAQs

Is A General Pest Spray Effective?

A general pest spray is very effective for general issues. Whilst not as in depth or as targeted as a specific pest treatment, it’s perfect for people who have had a history of insect issues or don’t have a huge problem with one particular pest in all areas of your house

Is A Pest Controllers Spray Better Than What I Can Buy Myself?

Absolutely. Professional pest controllers like ASPC are licensed to use much more effective sprays that can be formulated as desired. They will also require proper knowledge of how and where to use them. Our pest sprays are massively more effective than over-the-counter products from stores

How Long Does A Pest Spray Treatment Take?

Half an hour to an hour depending on your property size. We can only cover a limited amount or area with a fixed fee service but are obviously happy to extend into other areas for an extra fee to give you the best coverage. Once the spray is administered, avoid any mopping or cleaning for a few hours

Why Book A Pest Control Spray Treatment?

6 months and possibly longer. It can depend on the time of year and a few other factors but on average usually 6 months or longer

How Much Does A General Pest Spray Treatment Cost?

We often have offers and deals so please check our homepage banner for any promotions. We also sometimes add extra things like a free rodent treatment with a pest spray! A general pest spray treatment is always very affordable and effective from All Star Pest Control


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