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Flea Pest Control Services

If you have leas in your home they can be an irritating problem and can spread very quickly. The two main types of fleas are cat and dog fleas so with our pet-friendly treatments we can safely kill the fleas on the hosts and give you a treatment plan to prevent them from returning.

Fleas aren’t dangerous or harmful (except rat fleas in large populations), but they are annoying and they don’t live on the pet all the time, meaning they can infest your carpets and furniture etc.

For each flea found on a pet, there could be a hundred me on your carpet and they can live for a few months without food so, without proper treatment, they are difficult to permanently remove.

Eco Friendly Flea Treatment

Here at All Star Pest Control we only use eco-friendly treatments as some are poisonous to animals and humans. We use a mix of residual insecticide with insect growth regulator which stops them from reproducing and also kills them. This treatment doesn’t kill eggs so we will usually have to come back or further applications. But there are plenty of things we will recommend you do to prevent a flea infestation from occurring again.

Flea prevention tips

Combating a flea infestation in the home takes patience as for every flea found on an animal there are many more developing in the home. Many spot-on insecticides may kill the fleas on a family cat or dog, but may turn the pet itself into a roving fleatrap as it collects newly hatched fleas.

To rid your home of fleas, it should be treated with a fogger or spray insecticide containing an approved insect growth regulator. Frequent vacuuming may also help, providing that you immediately dispose of the vacuum bag afterwards.

May flea collars, powders and shampoos still contain organophosphate-based insecticides, despite the fact that many strains of insects have become resistant to those compounds. They may also display an unacceptably high level of toxicity toward mammals.

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Flea FAQs

Can I treat fleas myself?

You can, but nowhere near as effectively as a professional pest controller. Some over-the-counter treatments are quite effective but you’ll probably find yourself endlessly treating them as if you haven’t stopped the source

How do fleas get into my house?

From your pets. Almost all flea infestations come from cats and dogs. bathing your pets and stopping them from going from flea-infested areas will make a huge difference, but you’ll still need to treat them in your home

Do fleas go away on their own?

Almost certainly not. They can live for a long time without food, lay eggs very easily that are immune to treatments except hoovering which will never get all of them, only a proper pest control treatment will safely remove fleas from your home once you have a problem

Do you give free quotes?

Yes. All telephone quotes are free of charge


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