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Rodent (Rats And Mice) Pest Controllers

Rodents are common all across Australia including NSW and the Maitland areas so having rats or mice in your home or business is a serious issue. They are a huge health hazard, can harm humans and pets, spread disease and breed every 6 weeks so within 1 year a single pair of mice can produce around 1250 offspring. If you suspect that rats or mice have invaded your home then it’s imperative to act fast.

Rodents are very destructive pests that spread disease, contaminate and eat food as well as destroy property and furnishings.

It’s almost impossible and also dangerous to try and treat rodents on your own so you should always call a licensed professional like ASPC right away.

Effective Rodent Treatments

Rodents need to be controlled or removed from properties by killing them which is nearly always done with baits and gels. Various active ingredients will cause the rats and mice to die quite quickly with these licensed and approved methods. Baits can come in different guises like traps, gels and foods and be used in a variety of places that we will know will be found.

Each bait may use a different active ingredient and any that are harmful to pets, children or humans will be securely placed inside tamper-proof traps. Once consumed the rat or mouse will have an insatiable thirst and return to its nest and die which means they will most likely not die inside your house or in an area you may find them.

Beware over-the-counter treatments that have a low amount of poison and do not make the rat or mouse die away from the property possibly causing an unpleasant odour, requiring disposal and also attracting other pests.

Rodent Diseases and Damage

Rats and mice can cause quite severe damage if left untreated. Rats will cause more physical harm to your property than mice due to their increased size and strength, but both will do this over time and with enough numbers. Rats and mice will:

  • Eat Through Electrical Wiring
  • Chew On Furniture And Upholstery
  • Damage Appliances
  • Contaminate Food
  • Cause Electrical Fires
  • Leave Droppings That Attract Other Pests
  • Holes In Walls And Floors


Rats and mice also carry other risks like the following serious diseases:

  • Rat Bite Fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Hantavirus
  • Tularemia
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Hemorrhagic Fever With Renal Syndrome
  • Food Poisoning

Will Rodents Go Away On Their Own?

Almost certainly not. Virtually no pests will just go away on their own. They will only leave if food, water and shelter are all removed. Since this is nearly impossible then this will never happen. Rats will turn to eating each other if there is no food which will help drop the number but this will then cause a terrible smell and attract other pests. Calling a local professional pest controller like ASPC is the only solution.

Rodents And Livestock

Rats and rodents are serious pests and are carriers of diseases via fleas (foot-and-mouth disease, typhus, plague, etc). They cause enormous damage by gnawing on doors, woodwork, beams, electrical wires and pipelines.

Mice can transmit a number of diseases to humans and livestock including:

  • salmonella to humans and domestic animals
  • encephalomyocarditis (EMC) virus to pigs
  • leptospirosis to humans, dairy cattle and domestic pigs
  • tapeworms, roundworms and fungal skin diseases (ringworm) to cats and humans.

Mouse droppings can also cause bacterial poisoning of human and livestock foods. The damage caused by plagues of mice is enormous. They will attack virtually all cereal and grain crops, plus many vegetables and fruits.

It should be stressed that a mouse plague, while it may arise from seasonally variable conditions, is not necessarily limited to a season's duration. Plagues have been known to last through a mild winter into the following growing year. The damage from plagues can then run into millions of dollars.

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Rodent FAQs

How do I know if I have a rodent (rats/mice) problem?

There are a few main signs to look out for:

- Droppings around your foodstuffs, drawers, cupboards and under the sink
- Holes chewed through walls and floors as entry points
- Scratching sounds in ceilings and under the floor
- Foul smells

Is a rat or mice infestation dangerous?

Yes, rats and mice carry a lot of nasty diseases, some fatal. Also if they have built a nest inside your property they will be more territorial and so more likely to bite (though this is rare). but they will infect your foodstuffs which is where they can spread disease. The bubonic plague started from rats so do not take any chances.

How do you remove rodents (rats/mice)?

We use a baiting system whereby the rodents are lured into a locked box with bait. These boxes are completely safe and we can safely dispose of the rodents and re-bait the boxes to continue with the treatment. We will sometimes use loose bait in hard-to-reach places like roofs, underfloor areas or lofts/attics

Is the bait used safe for my family and pets?

The bait is safely placed in locked boxes that are safe for pets and children and industry-approved. As mentioned above, we will sometimes use loose bait but only where humans and pets can’t access

Can I stop mice and rats from coming back?

Not entirely, but we will give you a plan with some tips to drastically reduce the chances. Rats and mice can find all manner of ways into your property, but there has to be a reason for them to do so which is usually food. Our plan will advise on keeping rubbish up to date and stored in the correct way, clearing easy access points by trimming shrubs etc. As part of our treatment, we will seal as many holes as we are able to prevent them from returning

How often should I have a rodent pest control treatment?

We advise roughly 3 times a year if you have had a significant issue before but we will advise depending on your situation. Prevention is much better than a cure and is also a lot cheaper than waiting for a major problem with its associated risks

Do the rodents die inside my property?

Most of the time they will exit the boxes looking for water so they will exit the property, on some occasions they may die in access tunnels or roof spaces or sometimes under the floor but the majority of the time they will return to their nests.

How long does rodent pest control take to work?

Usually about 2 - 3 weeks however for the baiting system to be fully effective then around a month. If you still have further rodent activity then allow another couple of weeks as the bait will work for this period.

Do you give free quotes?

Yes. All telephone quotes are free of charge.


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