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Silverfish are quite common and are one of the more easily treatable pests in Australia. An infestation in your home means that your books, papers, wallpaper, fabrics and dried foods will all be attacked by these annoying bugs. A silverfish infestation is quite easy to spot as they are about half an inch long and although nocturnal you should spot damage to the aforementioned items.

Whilst they won’t destroy your home (like termites for example) they still carry diseases that can be transmitted through contaminated foods.

They build nests in warm damp spaces often behind bookshelves or in basements but are generally easy to treat once the nests have been found. They don’t bite humans but they should still be removed from your home and won’t go away on their own, even in an unoccupied house.

Why is Silverfish Removal Necessary?

Mainly because they cause damage to household furnishings but also because they carry so many health hazards. You could get closed down if you are a commercial business in the hospitality industry. Silverfish will:

  • Feed on books, wallpapers, leather, fabrics, dried foods, sugars and more
  • Contaminate foods by just touching them
  • Attract other pests like cockroaches, spiders and centipedes etc
  • Can trigger asthma and other allergies
  • Can attract other predator pests

Mainly Silverfish are just a big nuisance that like many other pests won’t go away on their own, but at ASPC we can treat them quickly and effectively.

Common Signs of a Silverfish infestation

If you suspect a  Silverfish infestation then there are certain common things to spot that will give you confirmation. Spotting any or a combination of the following is a bad sign:

  • Shed Skins (usually near damp areas)
  • Irregular shaped holes in clothes and fabrics
  • Leave yellowish stains on clothes
  • Commonly spots are basements, bathrooms, attics, crawlspaces and dark areas

Silverfish Treatment Technique

ASPC will make a full inspection of the premises, we‘ll likely use a combination of eco-friendly techniques including fogging, natural repellents, insecticides, sprays and traps depending on your specific situation. We will also give you a plan of how to stop them from returning but a secondary treatment may also be required if it is quite bad.

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Silverfish FAQs

What do silverfish look like?

Silverfish have 2 long antennae on their head with a long tapered body that’s segmented like an armadillo, they have short thick legs and are about 13mm to 15mm long. They can move quite fast but are often unseen as they are nocturnal. They are a silvery pale grey in colour with a 3 pronged tail

What attracts silverfish to my home?

Like most pests, silverfish are attracted by food and shelter. They build nests in warm dark spaces that most homes have so access is critical. They also require food and eat paper and soft furnishings so that will attract them also. They will eat dried human foods but not meat or rotting foodstuffs. The sugar and starch in protein-rich foods sustain them. Commonly infected pet foods will bring them into your home

Are silverfish dangerous?

Not really to humans. As mentioned they can cause some diseases to dried foodstuffs they attack but they mainly cause damage to paper and furnishings. They can, however (like all pests) cause allergies in many people from their droppings, shed skins or just their presence

Will silverfish go away on their own?

No. Not unless they are starved of the two things that brought them into your home to start with, food and warm damp shelter. They will multiply reasonably quickly and cause more damage if left untreated


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