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Pest Control - Spiders

Spiders are a common indoor pest, they come in millions of varieties and will seek shelter from the cold, usually around late summer and early autumn. This is also when they start to breed so they can multiply bring this period. Most spiders can be controlled simply by removing webs, vacuuming and cleaning up regularly along with blocking holes and access points, but some spiders are serious pests.

As there are so many varieties of spiders and there is no one single way to treat them if you think you have a problem it’s best to call All Star Pest Control for a proper spider inspection.

There are two main reasons to remove spiders from your home; they bite and can cause infestations. Unlike most other common pests they don’t carry multiple diseases and they won’t destroy your house but certain varieties are obviously very dangerous.

Why is Spider Control and Removal Necessary?

Mostly because as mentioned above there are some very dangerous (even fatal) varieties and a large infestation can also attract other pests and be unsightly, especially for businesses. All spiders can bite whether they are poisonous or not, they can hurt, and cause rashes and allergies. Spiders will:

  • Can bite (poisonous or not) and cause allergic reactions and pain
  • Poisonous spiders can be very dangerous and even fatal if you get bitten
  • Cause infestations that are unsightly and a nuisance
  • Can trigger asthma and other allergies

Mostly, spiders are just a big nuisance that like many other pests won’t go away on their own, but at ASPC we can treat them quickly and effectively.

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Dangerous Australian Spiders

  • Trap Door Spider
  • The Mouse Spider (There are 8 species in Australia)
  • The Redback Spider
  • Sydney Funnel Web Spider
  • Other Funnel Web Spiders

Common Signs of a Spider infestation

Spiders are very easy to spot. If not literally, they leave webs or webs around holes. They generally avoid humans and seek out quiet places from which to trap insects (mainly flies) but you will see them if they are disturbed, you just may not know what kind you have.

Spider Treatment Technique

The pest experts at ASPC have huge experience in spider control and removal. Eco-friendly sprays are very effective along with sealing up holes and baiting in some circumstances. Whatever your problem ASPC will have the treatment to keep your spiders under control.

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Spider FAQs

What attracts spiders to your home?

Flies are what most common spiders feed on and they can be caught inside or outside. Spiders will also look for shelter and a breeding site at the end of summer to avoid the cold so that can send them into properties as well

Can I treat spiders myself?

Actually yes, if you are certain that they aren’t dangerous, but you must be certain. Vacuuming, keeping your house tidy so it attracts fewer flies, sweeping regularly and blocking up holes for them to live or find a way in will help a lot and all this generally requires no contact or trying to kill them. For severe cases or dangerous spiders, you should always call a professional like ASPC

Are spiders dangerous?

Yes. Every Australian should know that we have many varieties of dangerous (and some deadly) spiders. They aren’t common, but pose a real threat and so should be identified and treated accordingly by expert pest controllers. We have listed the most dangerous spiders above

Will spiders go away on their own?

No. Like almost all pests spiders won’t go away on their own. They move webs but they will only leave completely if they have no food supply, which in a house is flies, so that’s very unlikely

Can you spider proof my house?

No. It will be impossible to keep them at bay completely, but we can remove infestations and dangerous spiders. There are plenty of things you can do to minimise the likelihood of the same issues (see treat spiders above) but you will always have some, however, they should just be the small harmless variety, in which case they actually feed n other insects so a low level of spiders can help your home in some ways


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