What Damage Can Termites Do To a Home or Property and Prevention Tips

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One of the most common and destructive pests in Australia is termites, also known as white ants. These tiny insects can cause significant damage to a house, not just to the structure itself, but also to the property's value. We will see how termite infestations can hugely negatively affect the value of a house and what steps homeowners can take to prevent and treat termite infestations and how prospective homeowners can avoid buying a property with a termite infestation.

The Ways Termites Damage Homes and Property

  • Weakened Structure - Termites gradually eat their way through wooden beams and floorboards. This is by far the most damaging and potentially dangerous aspect of a termite infestation. Over time this can cause load-bearing beams to collapse and is a major problem whether you own a home or are buying one as depending on the severity the repair bill canoe substantial.
  • Reduced Property Value - Once a termite inspection has been carried out and an infestation and damage confirmed by a licensed pest controller then your property can fall in price by about 20%. The loss of selling time or cost, time and burden placed on the new owners (if they decide to buy) can easily reduce the value by this amount. It will obviously depend on the severity but it’s a wise move to have an inspection if you’re a buyer, and a smart move to treat the termite’s infestation first, before trying to sell.
  • Ruins the Aesthetics - The holes, droppings and smell of termites can absolutely ruin the look and feel of your home. If you are trying to see your home then this will be a major issue. Potential buyers are likely to carry out a termite inspection which will negatively affect the value of your house. If your house report doesn’t mention the termites then this is a moral dilemma as they will be easy to spot for potential buyers and then the inspection will drive the price down.
  • Damage to Furniture - Just like your beams and floorboards, termites will also damage your furniture if it is made out of wood. This is often hard to spot when talking about the furniture frame covered by upholstery. Whilst furniture can be replaced and the cost isn’t as great as structural issues, this still doesn’t stop it from happening again or cover the damage to antique furniture or heirlooms that can’t be replaced.

Stopping Termites From Damaging your Home

Termite prevention is always better than treatment. Although in some circumstances it may not always be completely possible, in most instances you can help massively by installing termite barriers and following these tips.

Some Prevention Steps to Take for Existing Homeowners:

  • Get rid of wood, paper, plants, lumber, mulch and cardboard etc from around the foundation
  • Fix any leaks in your home as termites are attracted to moisture
  • Fill any existing cracks as soon as you can to eliminate any entry and hiding spots
  • Make sure any wooden item or furniture is not directly in contact with the soil
  • Prevent moisture build-up in your home's foundation by opening up the air vents
  • Get a regular termite inspection by a certified pest controller like ASPC

In Summary

Termites can cause an awful lot of damage over time if left untreated so therefore they shouldn’t be treated lightly, especially if you have a timber frame property or one with a lot of wood. If you spot any of the signs listed above and suspect you may have termites then don’t delay and call the experts at ASPC who specialises in termites for a swift and effective inspection and treatment.

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