Best Tips To Prevent Rodents Like Rats Or Mice From Becoming Pests In Your Home Or Business

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Here is ASPC’s free list of top tips to prevent rodents like rats and mice from becoming a pest in your home or business

First things first, if you have a rat or mice infestation, these tips will not work and you will need to speak to us to get rid of them from your property professionally. If you have had some small issues or used a professional pest controller in the past then these tips will help prevent rats and mice from returning to your property.

Pest Controller Tips

If you’ve used a pest controller before then they would have almost certainly given you some specific tips for your property and situation to help prevent rodents from returning. These would be centered around lifestyle habits, food storage and cleanliness etc. Your local pest controller would have almost certainly tried to seal up access points into your property but sometimes this isn’t possible so not leaving them access to food which is the main reason they come inside) is always the top of that list. If this isn’t working and you still suspect them entering then read on.

The Best Rodent Prevention Techniques

All the following techniques are known to work, but they require time, money and perseverance and will only work if you have first removed them from inside your property by hiring a professional pest controller and there is some more detailed info here. For farmers or commercial food related businesses then there is some more specific info here.

Outside Your Home

  • Seal Up Entry Points - If you haven’t previously used a pest controller then have an inspection of your home around all the perimeter walls at ground level and also any access points higher or lower that rodents can climb up (like storage boxes or sheds) or get down into (like basements). Look for holes and seal them up with rodent-proof materials paying close attention to doors, door frames, windows and vents.
  • Restrict Outdoor Access - Trim or prune overhanging trees, especially ones overhanging onto roofs. Also, cut back on any overgrown areas and dense shrubbery where rodents can hide from predators.
  • Clean Up Your Garden Or Yard - Try and get rid of all loose debris, rubbish and clutter from your garden or yard. If there are food sources outside then rats and mice are more likely to venture inside. Also, this will give them fewer places to hide and nest. Make sure plants and bushes are at least 3 feet away from your walls.
  • Garden Food Sources - If you have fruit trees or plants then as rodents are omnivores (will eat anything) then keep the ground clear of fallen fruit. Fallen rotten fruit smells and attracts rodents so this is important. you can invest in rodent tree guards to prevent them from climbing your trees.

Utilise Rodent Repellant Smells

There are certain smells that rodents don’t like and will greatly deter them from entering your property. Some are more practical than others and none are permanent (except planting mint) so these aren’t great for everybody:

  • Plant Mint (Rats and Mice avoid this scent)
  • Use Peppermint Oil indoors along attic beams or entry points
  • Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Rosemary, Lavender, Cloves, Cedar Chips and Ammonia can all work too
  • Use Fox (Predator) Urine outside which can be bought from most garden centres around the perimeter of your garden

Get A Cat

Cats can possibly bring dead or dying rodents inside, but also their smell and presence also act as a great deterrent. If you want a cat that is!


In short, cleanliness both inside and out, plus restricting access are the key factors in restricting rodents. The above can be a lot of work and remember that licensed pest controllers have access to better poisons, baits, sprays and techniques that you don’t so for more specific advice or full rodent prevention in Maitland, Cessnock or Lake Macquarie then please give ASPC a call today.


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